Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, August 15

Lots of rain.

Geo is pretty much all better...
Although he had broncitus when he was tiny and coughs have always seemed to linger as a result.

However, Ed is starting to feel it.
This is not good.
We're s'posed to go (all of us) to Syracuse this week on a cross-border-shopping-extraveganza
And that's a no-go if Ed gets this as bad as Geo did. :(

~ pretty much just pj pants all day...
~ well... the plan was to get up early and work on this thing for work... 'cept I kept getting back in bed... it was all thunderstormy and vast rain... exceptional snuggling weather. :)
~ I did spend most of the day working on a presentation but there was dinner and moments of extreme lazyness. Did I mention the rain... and the storms?
~ that I didn't get headaches from the pressure change when the weather finally tips from "threatening" to actually "doing". :(

Yeah, so yesterday... I drove around with my radio blaring and my unnoticed left turn signal going strong.

We went to the garlic festival yesterday. :)
I got a braid of russian red and bag of music.
Having seriously fresh, perfect garlic for half the year...
really makes you appreciate seriously fresh, perfect garlic. :D

When I make my sugar a latte after dinner...


K... see ya.

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