Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, August 13

Friday the Thirteenth can kiss my $%##.
Just say'en... you have no power over me... begone!

Yeah, so today was all about the awesome.
Got all worked up with stressing out all morning over stupid work stuff...
Go to gym and work every last gram of that out. It was great!

Oh and, thanks to weebsurfer's giant brain, we all whipped out our starbucks cards and capitalized on the 'bucks "You get a free thing if you have a balance on a starbuckis card". The "thing" was one of their new smoothies. I had strawberry. :) It was yummi. It was free, so "yummi" gets a handicap.

~ friday man... skinny jeans. :)
~ awesome day... super busy at work... head down all freak'en day ...
~ er... except for the gym thing... nothing trumps gym.
~ all about kids playing on the skateramp at home ...
~ geo was being fawned over by a gang of kids with helmets and decks when I got home. :)
~ so I played too. Lots of fun. :D
~ this went on till about 8:30.
~ you could feel what I feel - and get your mind out of the gutter. I mean it. Wouldn't it be amazing to be able to share a feeling. Can you imagine how empowering that would be in relationships... Instead of explaining your feelings you could just give them to your partner. Although, maybe it's not supposed to be that easy. Maybe the "empowering" thing comes from being able to know how your partner feels because you believed in them when they explain it. Maybe.

i find that I spend a lot of time thinking about the concept of how privacy and behavior
needs to be played out as moral, ethical and ... generationally relevent concepts in social networking when making choices with your kids.
It always seems to come down to the notion that I have to stop evaluating things using old rules.
Of course, there is no book that outlines the new rules.
And that has to be ok.
The old rules were made in a vaccum too.

Seriously, I know everybody has had a "left their turn signal on when the radio was blasting" or something...
But that doesn't have any impact on how much it bugs me when it's their turn and their around me.

i noticed that one of my bosses had had her hair cut...
The same day that she had it cut...


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