Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, August 11

So for days I've been going through this routine of calling the rogers call-center when I get to work...
Listening to a AVR tell me they're out of stock of the iphones...
At 11, after the daily delivery at a local Rogers outlet, I call that outlet...
Dude actually answers the phone with name" and we don't have any iPhones..."
la la la...
So today.. after they gym... at 12:30... we're showered and about to cross the street to starbucks...
And I get a hankering to call 'em again.
He answers the phone by only saying his name... I quietly said "How many 32's do you have?"
Answer: "Four"
"And how many people in line...?"
Answer: "Six"
"Think they all want phones?"
Answer; "Nah"
... and that's all it took.
We were both zooming to Rogers and in line minutes later.
I actually called the folks in line to attention so they could tell me if they were in line for a 32. :)
Bottom line... I got my new iPhone.
~ I did not jump up and down and show strangers my tummy.

~ burnt almond. lol... :)
~ I spent about 15 seconds thinking I was going to wear a long sleeve nice shirt...
~ then I got hot and realized that it was stupid and changed into australian outback safari shirt...
~ k... work is all mental. mental means busy and busy means there is no room on the truck for anything else.
~ although... there was still the gym... upper body today... and it rocked. :)
~ and then the iPhone thing happened. sigh... oh look... time literally vanished before my eyes.
~ made the official easy dinner... (pork chops in red sauce with rice and a mess of carrots.)
~ took the cover off the ramp for the kids in the hood and let 'em play while we made dinner.
~ covered ramp after dinner (s'posed to rain in the morning...)
~ for three full work days to be injected between now and tomorrow morning.
(noting that suz got a bag of halloween type choco bars today... totally random... so .. you know... the injected days thing ... maybe. :)

The first thing that is awesome about this phone...
is the camera.
Nice. :)

I so dislike the show... The Office.
I watch it all the time... Geo loves it.
I want to set most of the people in that show on fire...
and watch while they melt.
Just say'en...

life is so busy...
so many balls in the air,
which always sounds kinda porno when I type it...
but whatever...
I'm juggling... and smiling.
I'm smiling because...
Life is freaking grand!
k' sorry... I'm in a really good mood. :)

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