Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, August 9

It was s'poseed to rain today.
Mostly it was just a nice warm day.

My poor little geo, all summer-cold boy this weekend.

Oh, and I went to Canadian Tire and bought a new tarp for the ramp...
and a bag of tennis balls. :)
I'll get a picture later... but the ramp now has eight tennis balls cut and screwed into place on all the sharp parts...
(the reason the old tarp is now the "old tarp")
Now it's all newtarpenator'ed.
~ note: we're talking about a really huge tarp. (20x40... i wish it was 15x30.. )

~ charcoal day... blue shirt. :)
~ half day tripping around a small project
~ and another half day on the big one :)
~ excellent lunch at the gym !
~ that Mr. Waterproof Camera guy managed to snap a few pics of the gang at Calypso today! :)
~ I would actually get up and stay up... when the alarm goes off...

I am genuinly confused by the totally crazy situation that exists around the Omar Kadir story.
A canadian / afghani family has relatives actively fighting with the Taliban.
At some point in the afghanistan war this guy was 15 and living with crazy uncle dude...
And gets caught into the child soldier deal...
American military dudes are attacking... killing everyone around him...
He fights back by throwing a grenade.
Not even going into why he had a grenade, and knew how to use it effectively...
He kills an american military dude.
He gets nabbed and sent to git-mo for the last five years... he was tortured... etc.
Things I do not get:
1. Why was fighting back a crime? He's not just a "prisoner of war"... he's charged with murder?
2. Why does the US government condone torture? Let alone torturing children?
3. Why in the name of pete has the Canadian government not done one fracking thing to help this guy?
4. How can the US government look itself in the mirror... while this guy goes on trial for murder?
Ok... done.

Big Brother.
It is very easy to totally love Brittany and her running commentary.
I dig it... and she's so totally cute...
However... you can`t help but notice that she`s pretty darned mean.
I mean... seriously. It takes a really sinister streak in your personality to carry off that kind of "mean"!!
Regan, was such a perfect choice for the new sabateur... however he is also crazy and it's going to go to his head.
But the stand out character to be derided and made fun of...
The clear winner is Brenden.
OMFG what a total suck.
His girl is sad and scared because she's lost power and become a big target.
So he comes to (giant air quotes) Cheer Her Up... by repeatadly asking her if she's mad at him.
I'm shocked she didn't just plow him in his wussy little freak'en face.
Oh and she is totally hard core, really and truly, a crazy person.
Not just show crazy... but she has all the tell tale signs of being dangerously nuts.
Fun eh.
You have got to hand it to those CBS psych teams... the search far and wide to find these people. LOL.

I find ... that people can become very rewarding parts of my day.
If I just make a habit out of treating them well...
You know, like... try to pay attention to things that are important to them,
Remember their name...
Real smiles... that kinda thing.
It just seems to come back to me... constantly.
This is exactly what defines the vibe I get with my daily happy-corto-making visit to starbucks (post gym).

Ok... i gotta git.
It's SGA time with the fam. :)

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