Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, August 8

~ :)

So it rained all day...
... well, no... it started after lunch...then went on all day.
Which worked well for me. :)
Drove Ed to karate for noon... skatepark till one, then pick him up again. :)
Nice having a skatepark next to the rec center.

Visited my folks...
And made a nice dinner... baked chicken strips, brocolli and a big caesar salad.

Yesterday was tops.
Great weather... groceries, skatepark, haircut... actually, it was that, but in reverse. :)
And we watched Kick Ass (although we asked Ed to sit it out).
I really thought it was an awesome movie. :) :D
Hit Girl... frak'en awesome! lol

~ shorts... it's very muggy. We've abandoned the AC for now. We'll see how long that lasts. :)
~ all of the above... and I managed to get into the job jar too. :) (round one of fixing an ugly spot - actual hole - in our family room ceiling. ... faking "ceiling spackle" takes several "rounds".)
~ I can borrow the neighbors giant inflatable water slide thing for when I have a gang of friends - and their kids - over, later this month... :D

There's bit a bit of a voices raised up thing going on... against the whole idea of some guy building a mosque somewhere near Ground Zero.
I mean... geez... that would be like having churches around the Alfred P. Murrah Fed building site in Oklahoma City.
Oh wait... there's First United Methodist and St. Joe's... hmmm.
Maybe the particular faiths held by total fraking wack jobs shouldn't be judged by the actions of total fraking wack jobs.

I derive a very clearly felt sense of peace knowing that there's a gang of kids from all over our neighborhood playing on the skateramps.
They all wear protective gear... heck we break out the hockey pants when they wanna try something hard...
and all of their parents have had the "you know if they play here, they're going to get hurt... right?"
I even asked my insurance agent about it...
And it's all good.
They are not unsupervised...
... and they are having a superior great time. :)
I like that.

i was ordering some small bits from (an adapter to connect a Wii compoent
cable to an existing component cable) and an antenna... and noticed that - typical of monoprice - they
had a special on 6 ft HDMI cables. $1.94. Yes... you read that correctly.
So I bought three.
I mean... geeze.

See ya soon. :)

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