Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, August 6

Pretty much a perfect day. :) Sunshine and cooling temps.
It's going to be 9 tonight.!!!
Needless to say, all the windows are open and we're enjoying being chilly. :)

~ well, shorts, but it's actually chilly... !!! I'll be in PJ pants soon. :)
~ good day, but artfully moderated to come out pretty much stress free.
~ nice lunch time gym thing... ab-friday
~ I could make you smile when you're alone.

Rented Kick-Ass.
Have not watched it.
Guy at the counter - before I paid - pointed out that it was an 18a movie, not a kids movie.
I decided to get it anyways... for me, at the worst...
And then I come home and read some on-line reviews.
Sadly we will not be watching this as a family.

I can remember the exact moment of the best kiss I've had in the last twenty years.
Just say'en...

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