Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, August 5 !

There was a massive rain burst this 'aft
I barely noticed... 'cept that I absently tabbed over to FB and saw Geo's post saying "Big Storm!". LOL.
Again with the head-down focus jedi powers kinda work day.

~ a smile. :)
~ super thursday...
~ early start...
~ con-call at 10:30...
~ gym by 12
~ great afternoon...
~ and Ed to karate for 5:30.
~ now it's after dinner and serious relax'en time. :)
~ to get to the other skate park soon...

Today is a red letter day.
~ "dropped in" on concrete today. first time... five times. :) (so happy).

I've been stressed to the nines for the last two weeks about a presentation I had sched'd for today.
If it went bad... well, that would be bad.
If it went good... it speaks to a lot more work with the florida clients
So the call went great.
Happy clients... happy corto (relieved corto)
I took that good vibe to the gym and really had a great work out.
By the time I got home from work, I'd have to say I was feeling mighty good. :D
This was my take away as I drove Ed to karate.
I dropped him off, grabbed a coffee at 'bucks
and went to the skate park.
Totally alone.
Had my knee pads on... had no excuse.
So set it down and dropped in on the concrete extended-1/2 pipe.
~ totally easier than I expected... and yes... it was only "hard" because I have been terrified. :)
Then I did it three more times...
... and then kids arrived. A small crew of pretty good skaters.
and I did it again. (facing my personal demons about feeling a bit intimidated)
Again... I know it's just a drop-in.
But it's a vast thing with me.
so happy! ..... :)

I'll be in cocoa-beach again in the last week of August. :)

I am so glad suz and I have stuck with the whole "go for a walk after dinner" thing.
So many positives... :)

See ya. :)

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