Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, August 4

Well now... it rained.
It really really rained.
bad ass rain with all the stormy bits doing their loud crazy thing.
I missed most of it, head down, earbuds in, at my desk at work... all mr concentration.
la la la...

~ let me explain through interpretive dance...
~ knocking down the pillars of my project deliverables... big conference call tomorrow.
~ no gym... more sushi... :) I'll make up for it tomorrow.
~ that - when I go back outside - the promised big honking northern lights show is actually cooking up a night sky storm. :)

Radio moment talking about some prison in Afghanistan
The one the Taliban blew a hole in last year and all those bad guys got away...
They were talking to the canadian guys there helping to rebuild etc.
They're training the local guys to run things.
The local guys?
The prison manager was killed at the prison gate...
The local guys are either corrupt, terrified, or so pathetic that they still can't properly load their russian kalashnikovs (sp?).
I actually laughed out loud when they guy tried to sound like they were making progress.

I have a coupon code good for 50% off anything on their web site.
If you've considered getting a new shield for your iphone, case, buds, what ever...
they have exceptional stuff and 50% off makes it better.
(I just bought what I wanted ... using a 40% coupon code...sigh... then I get another one for 50%)
If you want it...first come, first get...

Remote Desktop ... is pretty darn handy in a home theater setting.

~ k... click.

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