Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, August 3

I was cleaning... and found my carefully packaged collectors set of The Tick Poggs!!!
Dig it... El Seed!!! :D

Big rain day. But when it stops... everything is so hot it just ... goes.
Apparently there was some big flooding in other parts of the city. :(

Yesterday... Monday... we went to visit a friend (Lee) who's wife just had a little bundle of Hannah. (well, a month ago - time flies baby... time flies)
I got to hold her for ages... she was very snuggly.
And it was nice to meet Hannah's mom too. :)
I was so taken with the baby... I totally forgot to take a single picture.
This is very out of character for me.!!

~ brown stuff... then skinnies... now pj pants. :)
~ oh totally into crazy time... presentations on thursday this week...
~ went to see TTA* this morning ... I had three cry-out moments as she freaking tortured me. I went to see her for a shoulder-tune-up.!
~ good gym time... upping weight.
~ Ed to karate... massive thunder storm... the skate park was partly wet, so I burned karate time practicing skating over the steps.
~ I had stopped koo'ing long enough to take a picture...

* TTA : Tracy The Awesome...

The objective is not to decide what you're attracted too and then going after that.
Believe everyone lined up to tell you so...
The plan is to decide what you think someone should like about you...
Something you'd like about yourself...
... and work on that.
Just work on that... For sure don't let someone else tell you what people will like about you.
You know that's gonna be wrong.
No... you decide... then work on that - what ever it is...
This magically makes you attractive to someone who would actually be compatible...
And the really cool part?
You don't actually have to reach the "working on that" goal... I mean, sure... work on it...
But it's the "working on it" that makes all the difference... not the "getting it done".

I dunno... it may be too revealing...
But I get a pretty significant amount of enjoyment out of watching people totally get smushed in Wipe Out. :)

I enjoy the fun I get to make of geo and suz as they play "farm story" on their iPods...

k... time to get sorted for some SGA with the family. :)

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