Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, August 1

~ headache face... !

get up kinda early... considering how late I went to bed...
get to big skate park by 10:45... expecting a quiet mom-with-kids vibe for a saturday morning.
The place was hopping... some company was sponsoring a skate day with competitions, prizes, etc. "Wild In The Park"... blha blah... I got a free t-shirt.
I skated a bunch but ultimately... I had to bail... it was just getting too busy and I didn't want to crash into someone (or get crashed into...)
But there were some awesome skaters... seriously.

(not me...
the skating pics...
are almost never me...
if they are, I make a big deal about it. :D)
~ note to self... always always always... bring the canon camera in your skatebag... !

Groceries with Geo...

Afternoon of chores and errands...
skating on the ramp at home, and making bbq steaks for dinner.

Sunday started with a smile about how much I enjoyed saturday,
and, despite a wee headache all day... I managed to spend most of it outdoors.
I'd jump on the ramp and drop in a few times every time one chore ended and before the next one started...
:) Kept me smiling...

~ helmet... had a helmet on a lot this weekend. ;)
~ sadly... I'm currently planning to get up early tomorrow (holiday monday) and work...
~ although, no matter how you slice it... it wont be like a work day... so ... score august long weekend. :)
~ Oh for a the next few weekends to be a nice as this one... tyvm!

Suz and Geo are playing "Farm Story" on their iPods... It's like the Farm Ville thing, except minus the Facebook.
She's getting finger cramps.
I call the cramps her farmers tan.

Big Brother.
If you listen carefully...
If you pay attention...
You can see Brendan jumping back and forth over Rachal, saying "so Spike, what are we going to do today?"

I'm feeling ...
... electric.
k'mere... touch me.


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