Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, July 30

~ so yeah, I'm never going to be a little guy... and a bit of a doofus...
but suz complimented me on my back the other day... so there you go. :)

Crazy beautiful day... (notes weather report posted yesterday).

I get a newsletter emailed to me from the geek store I like to shop at...
This weeks was all about Starcraft...
All these bundle deals... with big starcraft and product images...
Starcraft II w/ cool keyboard
Starcraft II w/ 4 gigs of ram
blah blah blah...
I wish I had time... I would drag it into photoshop...
And make a "Starcraft II w/ Box of Depends Adult Diapers"

~ up there? a pair of shorts...
~ but today was skinny's and a golf shirt. :)
~ busy busy at work... handed project manager duties for a problem contract... la la la...
~ Ab-day at the gym...
~ And we had more road side corn at dinner!! soooo good.
~ ... and a really nice evening walk with my zee...
~ that I can drag the kids away from Starcraft to watch more star gate atlantis... :)

Yeah... so first thing this morning... the moment I get to work...
I call Rogers... expecting to hop in the long cue to order a new phone...
only to hear the recorded message say that they're sold out...
They go on sale at 9... and they're sold out at 9:03.
What did they have... six?

It's incredible how much growing-up Geo has done in the last year.
I don't know whether to end that with a :( or a :)

... somebody loves you. :)

~ ok... time to rally the troops for SGA. :)
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