Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, July 29

Ah today was lovely.
Great weather and a really weird start to the day.

I got to work and there was this evil noise coming from above.
Our office is in what amounts to a strip mall... a nice strip mall...
It's on the edge of kanata's silly-con ally... and 10 minutes of a liesurly drive from home. :)
Never the less... We have a downstairs area and an upstairs.
The rest of the "upstairs" is other offices.
The one right above part of our office... was blasting a siren.
Apparently a power blip set it off and it wouldn't turn off.
I mean it seriously would not shut off...
See I went up there... knocked on their door and met Inga.
Inga is a lovely young woman... except she had a wild eye kinda look.
This prompted me to open with "Do you want some help?" (note: I had to speak over an alarm siren...)
She was alone (office admin) in a consulting company office... with an alarm company and a boss on different phones...
nobody could get the thing to shut up!!
The pin pad code? Useless.
Note: from this exact moment forward... I kinda fell through a mirror and landed in an episode of Chuck.
Inga introduced me to the back office... and pointed at a ceiling tile.
I climbed on a recycle box, on a chair... moved the tile...
Then I embraced the geek'escque moment... and left to get a computer tool kit from the office downstairs.
Moments later, I was carefully climbed once more to place somewhat above Inga... above, and to the left.
I handed Inga the groovy led flashlight and she... lit my way.
And then it happened.
One screw removed and I was faced with a mess of tiny little wires...
Note: this is all going on with the trippy SCREAMING siren inches from my face...
I dutifully seperated out a red one... and a blue one... they seemed close together so...
I pulled out a nasty little exacto blade pen thing...
And I cut the red wire.
The horn stop, I jumped down, gave Inga my card and made my exit.

~ and back to brown ... black tee... nice shirt but it lived on my chair all day.
~ oh... my chair... I'm on the "try this one" chair from some chair people... (and I love it)
~ finished one of my projects (does a little dance)
~ good gym day... got in some upper and lower... sixty bench!! tomorrow is ab friday so I needed today. :)
~ skate park was another good work out (and loads of fun) while Ed was at karate...
~ watching BB and SGA season one season finale is on deck! :D
~ That you could have seen me laughing at Big Brother when the new HOH won... lol !!!! :)

(quick edit)
Is there some utility people use that lets them post in lj a collection of daily tweet messages?
I remember seeing these in Lj before...
and does this work with FB too? I mean, posting the group of tweets to FB...
somebody has to know about this stuff....
(and another edit:)
FYI... this is a question for a lj friend that's trying to figure this out...
I... don't actually tweet. :)
~ and yes, I realize how annoying the amalgomated tweet posts got to be... :)

Seriously... this is the weather plan for the next week. !! :D

Yeah, I'm in a good place.

~ k... see ya. :)

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