Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, July 26

~ I'm smiling about how awesome zee looks... :)

Long weekend. :)
I took today off work to go with Suz and Ed to Calypso, 'cuz Geo was going for the day with friends.
Today was fun.

Yesterday was nice... Ed had another belt test yesterday... advances again. :)
He came to us, months ago, and bugged us, over and over, wanting to go to karate.
We made some assumptions about that, based on previous experiences...
But we relented and signed him up.
He has excelled in this... I mean... works hard, stays committed, and gets great results.
When I congratulate him for his achievements...
I really mean it.

Saturday was typical consumerism...
But we got to have a visitor for dinner.
Heather... my first real friend... from the days of cribs and diapers... my crib... my diapers...
My moms best friends daughter.
We've been fast friends forever. :)
She has two lovely little girls... (6 and 11)
We all had burgers and the worlds greatest caeser salad
(thanking weebsurfer for the dressing recipe.)

~ a bit of a sunburn... on my FEET! ug.
~ at early... and out the door with the family for a water park day...
~ we're kicking back, digesting fresh road side corn-on-the-cob (stunningly delicious corn).
~ I can manage to find my way to a friends house and see his wee tiny freshly baked baby... :)


This is a picture suz snapped while watching the news the other night...
And can I just say ...

[ :: Calipso Water Park :: ]

Random stuff about a day at the park.
~ week day!!!
~ buy your ticket on-line (absolute must)... save yourself the first big dumb line of the day.
~ bring a cooler... fill it with food and drinks (no booze).
~ arrive when it opens at 10:00 AM,
~ grab a locker for your car keys, etc....
~ drop your cooler, bags, whatever under a sun chair by the wave-pool,
~ go and ride the big ass crazy scary looking water slides right away. A long line at 11:00 is NOTHING compared to a long line after lunch...
~ when the line ups are crazy (in the afternoon)... play in the awesome awesome wave pool.
~ lots and lots and lots of fun. :)

What is most amazing, is that I can remember helping my girlfriend, partner, friends, pick out bathing suits...
And you know... they stereotypically agonize over how it fits and how it looks...
And then you go to a water park.
The worst thing I have ever seen on a friend in a bathing suit store... is sixteen billion times better than a lot of what women wear as a bathing suit.

Oh, and nothing makes you look better in a bathing suit than ... pride in ownership. :)

Yeah... so today was the first time I can remember being out in "big public" in just a bathing suit
and not feeling self-concious.


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