Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, July 22

~ supposed to be my scary "Ahhhhhh they're attacking" pose... :D

Every kind of gorgeous a day can be... weather wise.
eh... a bit hot... but I'm in an ac office all day... eh. :)

note: passion tea lemonaide, shaken over ice, at 'bucks... is stupid good. :)

~ ok... it's again with the brown trousers, nice shirt, untuck'thing.
~ but I - and don't laugh - kinda miss having a reason to be in a really nice shirt and tie...
~ 'cuz this is just flipping back and forth between the charcoal and the brown days...
~ at least I wore argyle sox yesterday... :D
~ busy day... all day with the florida client stuff
~ gym is really an event when I'm so desperately buried in procrastination with the work stuff...
~ :) lol... it was upper body today...
~ Ed to karate, Mc Death for dinner with the boys as we powered through two epis of SGA (my darl'en zee is out with a friend tonight)
~ it's 11:30 and we're getting set to watch BB (finally. :D)
~ to send a smile to innerly... just 'cuz...

The degree to which I require glasses to read or see things...
Is just mental.

upper body day...
5 min stretching
15 minute cardio casscades L15 to warm up
sequence one.
(and I am just guessing at the right way to describe this stuff... )
12 standing curls, 2 x 30lb hand weights (hw)
20 L / 20 R 30 lb hw bent over bench pull ups (row) - flat back!
15 L / 15 R 20 lb hw kick backs (triceps?)
10 standing wide lifts 15 lb hw to side, repeat to front. (this is particularly hard on that rotator cuff thing...)
on-back, on-bench, 10 wide lifts 15 lb hw
15 skull crushers with 40 lb kinked bar.
then repeat sequence one...
sequence two
shoulder lifts cable pull 67 kg per side, 20x
10 x 105 lb incline bench press (1 minute pause)
10 x 105 lb decline bench press (1)
10 x 105 lb incline... (1)
10 x 105 lb decline... (1)
10 x 105 lb flat bench... (1) repeat
5 min stretching
... then done.

from time to time... a starbucks receipt comes out with a request to fill out an online survey.
You get a "coupon code" when your done this 2 minute "here's what I thought about starbucks" thing...
The coupon is good for any single beverage.
I cashed one of those in tonight after I dropped Ed at karate, to enjoy at the skatepark...
My "when it's free" coffee of choice...
A tripple shot, short, breve latte. ohmyfreakinggod it's good. :D :D

K... see ya. :)

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