Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, July 21

Big beautiful, killer white (unbelievably, actually... like vast art) mountains of expanding storm clouds.
We're getting a pretty-much-non-stop lightening show on the northern horizon.

yeah... there was rain... but I kept being indoors and away from windows when it rained...
So all I saw was sunshine... :)

~ gray trouser day...
~ all about reports... nice quiet boardroom all day...
~ 'cept for going to the gym... had a quick gym hit... short cardio, lots of stretching and legs!
~ off to look at cars with Zee... got a line on a used 2010 mazda 3 gs... but we gotta do some n'gotiat'en. :)
~ pizza for dinner... :D and Big Brother.
~ to point out that THIS is the ugliest colour I have EVER seen on a car.

(driving in to work and I see this in the parking lot... gah!!!)

Face it...
There's money, and then there's the rest of us.
I don't mean "money" like the guy that moved away 'cuz he trippled his salary.
I'm talking about really serious crazy time money.
Those guys get to call themselves "conservatives", "liberals", "republicans" or "democrats"...
Sure... all y'all like to call yourselves those names too...
but again,
Face it...
There's money, and then there's the rest of us.
We're just votes... blank cards - empty dance cards - that money does it's level best to write on.
This is why I find it so humorus to encounter "just folks" who are so totally in your face with their political affiliation.
All they are doing is demanding that you notice how well money managed to fill up their dance card.
Well look at you go... all managed and manipulated.

We face serious, game changing issues in this generation.
Economic, environmental and geo-political-info challenges that dwarf the childs play of yesteryear.
Voting like a wind-up-doll because you feel you have to live up to the label someone stamped on your ass...
Is absolutely pathetic and ignores completely the degree to which the last few generations have screwed things up.
People need to find a way to escape the bondage of political affiliation,
and find a way to get their collective asses behind issues that actually matter.

The old rules don't work any more.
Stop using them as excuses!!!

Big Borther...
Dude... CBS must have some serious world class psychiatrists on staff doing the psych profiles on potential house-mats.
"cuz these girls are so unbelievably judgemental!!! :)
I kind of eval the show based on how many times I say the word "stupid" out loud at the TV.
And you could bearly hear the dialog on the show for all the stupid coming at the tv... seriously.
Matt? omg... r u s'rius? (sorry... I want'ed that to be all ... dumb street)
When Brendan (aka: Limp Panty) and Boobs Monahan were strategising in the Hoe Closet,
I could feel my brain getting dumber...
exposure to them.
Oh and the volume of show-dedicated-to-watching-girls-struggle-to-stave-off-the-ugly-cry... is getting harsh.
It's cool how bad Britney can look when she's all pale, undone and crispy...
I mean, cuz her normal pagent face is certainly classic and yes... that's superficial to the max but how on earth can that matter?
The gang of them are the intellectuaul rivals of empty paint cans. "superficial" is about all they have left!

You see, I don't give up.
I just don't.
It's the only constant
In the chaos and order that describes my life.
I know when something is right,
and that's all I need.
From there on in... it's on.
I just don't give up.
This applies to my work, sure, but really...
who cares about that?
It applies to you.
When something's right,
That's all I need.

k... time to go. :)
(go watch more lightening!)

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