Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, July 20

Unbelievably nice day.
Got quite hot again, but I'm getting used to that...

I've been writing here for a decade...
And in that time I've blabbed about my bad habits.
Just say'en... I have perfect finger nails, thumbs, fingers, toes, heels, all of it...
Somehow I've managed to beat a 48 year old set of drive-me-crazy-habits. :)
Epic win.

~ new brown trousers... tried the no-belt thing...
~ moved myself to the upstairs, bright, quiet and ideal boardroom again.... finished part one of four... sigh.
~ really good gym thing... upper body... still feeling a give in my right shoulder...
~ home to get Ed to karate, home again with Ed to make spaghetti for dinner...
~ homeowners association meeting tonight...
~ I could win the freaking bubble game... stupid game... suz and jess have both double master'ed
(talking about "iBubble shooter" iphone game... omg addictive)

So sick of watching canadian brass in Afghanistan give their "sargeant so-and-so was a well loved member of our team..." speech.

Ok... I'm really noticing that my iPhone is burning battery a lot faster since I updated to IOS 4.
Besides all the general "slowness" ... it's totally pissing me off.
I seriously want the v4 phone now.... !
What? antena?
What antena?

my needs are simple
as are yours...
I mean, face it,
it's the small things
that really make
a difference.

ok... time to go. :)

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