Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, July 19

I continue to boggle at the idea that I get to play on that big giant ramp thing... (background, blue tarp over it).

A very quiet day at work... half the staff are either on vacay or just away...
So yeah... a great day. :D (I like quiet... when I'm really busy.)
Sadly, I also need to pace, write out ideas on a white board and talk to myself.
So I'm all about going to the boardroom with the windows and working in there ... all day. :)

~ dark stuff...
~ big start day to a solid week... (I have to get a project done this week... gahhhh! :D
~ fast 'ab day' at the gym... 12 minute warm up, 20 mins of ab work... showers and out! :)
~ watch big crazy wicked clouds roll in... I get home in time to watch the rain start... big rain... but it only lasted a few minutes... It's raining everywhere else... !
~ dinner with the boys at SGA while suz does a class at the gym... (made her a great omlet after our walk... after her class...)
~ Rogers would release the iPhone 4 already... k'mon!!!

Hervey is threatening to return. ! :(

This is a little guy named Ethan.
He's got a new bike...
... and you can tell he's happy about that! :)
Happy Birthday. :D

Now this is cool...
Take a dinner plate and pour some milk on it.
Get out those little food colouring bottles in the back of the baking shelf...
Drip a drop from all your colours around on the milk.
Now... drop a single, small, drip of dish soap into the middle of the plate.!!
(and this picture just does not even come close to how cool... especially the "in motion" part...)

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