Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, July 18

It's like... I just keep getting better looking... :)

So for all the threats, on the radio or in the sky...
The only rain I saw all weekend was EXACTLY as I arrived at the big skatepark Saturday. Localized... massive downpour... and our house remained ... rain free. :(
Again... all kinds of expectation for a storm over night and all day today...
But nothing.
It is seriously humid out there!

~ shorts and shirts all weekend. :)
~ Ed to combat Boe for noon... Geo to meet friends at hockey sushi (actualy name of restuarant... has nothing to do with hockey), and the kanata skate park till Ed finished his class. :)
~ play on the skate ramp at home... lots and lots of drops... was fun. :)
~ yard work... and ... making ribs. (I make really really good ribs... seriously...)
~ big rib dinner
~ that I get a picture of someones birthday party... !! :D

I'm pretty sure there is some kind of "Summit" taking place in IN Afghanistan... in Kabul!!!!
World lealders... (well, their expendable deligates, no doubt) ... gather at a summit in Kabul?
How freaking stupid are these people?
I... just... can't... fathom.... !!!

Big Brother.
Brenden is a sucker. You watch.
Now... about that Have / Have Not game... aka Big Brother Bukak. OMG... I was choking back laughter...
Brittany is adorable... but man... she's a nasty, angry little piece of work.
I can't decide if I love her for being such a little snit or if I think she should be taped to a wall... and... um... wait.
Seeing her tapped to a wall... while the guys blasted her in the face with their ... stuff... was just so much fun.
Reagan... practically begging the guys to blast him before he fell off the wall...
sigh... lol
Rachel will drive me crazy with her insane-person laugh
But now we've got a solid week of drama ahead with the little nomination yellow bags of mostly water.
... and I'm just say'en... Andrew... the holy-roler-jewish foot doctor... is going to have to be killed and chopped up into little pieces.

"It's wicked awesome... of course."
gah... I just freak'en love that new honda commercial... with the dude in his driveway with a honda race car...
His wife's expression kills me. :)

~ night. :)

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