Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, July 15

~ there's my little zee... :D

Another gorgeous day... although it's managed to cloud up and begin the drive towards an overnight thunderstorm. :)
(I love overnight thunderstorms... waking up to lighting ... rocks)

~ new trouser's again. :) and a tucked-in nice shirt, 'cuz some vip clients were com'en to visit. :)
~ sorting out the next six weeks of work... and getting a week of holidays approved. :)
~ again with the lonely gym zone... and had a great abb work out...
~ write a little something for someone wwwwway west of here. :)
~ give a pinyata to a friend for the birthday party they're having for their little 6 soon to be 7 year old (happy birthday Ethan... :D)
~ home to grab Ed and take him to karate... go to the skate park and skate the karate lesson away. :) (lots of kids there... some of them are just sooooo good. :D)
~ home again to make dinner, feed the family, clean up and find my way to a comfy chair to... write this. :) (I'm totally pampering my sugar because tomorrow is her birthday...)
~ watching some SGA later tonight.
~ that tomorrow is as great a friday for everyone else... as I know it's going to be for me. :)

Big Brother.
Watching the Thursday show.
And I've just realized that Brendan has the word WUSSY tatoo'ed across his ass!
er... just say'en.

D'ya ever get a wee tingle somewhere and convince yourself that there's a bug crawling on you?
And eventually you smack the spot... and of course, there's nothing there.
... and then... you know... the next time you go through it... there IS something there...
It's like when you're sitting on the can and you're looking at some specs of dirt, dust, whatever, on the tiles somewhere in front of you...
And you would swear one of them is moving... just a little.
And again... one time you check and - d'uh - it's nothing and clearly NOT moving
And then... you know... the next time you go through it... there IS something there...
Which reminds me... the something that is there? It's "spec of dust" size... yet it crawling along the tile... I mean... holy tiny little legs batman.

Dear rumor-mill:
I laugh at you. :)
ha ha!


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