Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, July 14

my tatoo... (I am so completely pleased with it. :D)

Today was absolutely gorgeous...
It got uncomfortably hot by dinner but it was just beautiful at lunch.

Oh, and 'bucks had the lemonade!! ;D

~ new brown trousers... ;)
~ beige summer top.
~ again with the solid Florida client day... (I need to make serious progress in the next week!)
~ fantastic gym zone... pushing... carefully... but pushing never-the-less.
~ that my Geo ... recovers soon. (lol... he was damaged in a mosh pitt at Alexisonfire...)

Facebook linked me to that Mel Gibson phone call.
He is obviously seriously screwed up... I mean... wow...
but she didn't hang up...
and she, in fact, taped the call and just quietly lets him rant away.
All I can think is that we need to ignore them.

Radio dudette (Live 88.5) was introducing an upcoming segment with some foody-somulier guy...
Describing the reveal of a "great pairing" of beer and sausage.
I went straight to porn and figured, yup yup... beer and sausage... clearly a great pairing.

There is no power in the 'verse
That would stay my hand
Should I lift it up
For you.

time to go for a bike ride with Suz and Ed. :)
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