Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, July 11

I'm typing while suz watches another episode of "hoarders"
I try to avert my eyes and not listen... but she sits through shows i like ... so you know...
But I'm just say'en... FREAKING SICK FREAKS... ahhhhhhhhhhhh!
And, of course, Suz ends up looking at stuff we have in boxes and starts twitching to throw it out... lol.

~ a day spent in shorts... :)
~ a morning of puttering and cleaning while all the monkeys sleep...
~ take Ed to "combat bo" class for noon and go on a grocery run while he attacks people with a stick...
~ play on skate ramp...
~ watch Stargate (the movie) with the boys... we've dl'd the first season of SG Atlantis for Ed and decided to try and get "context" (we've burned through SGU and enjoyed it...)
~ burgers for dinner, a nice walk and now I'm looking forward to Big Brother with the family later. :)
~ to send a big ol'thank you out to fit_girl_jessy for the phone call to remind us of the hazardous-waste-depot-day. :)
~ for rini to continue recording "the moments worth documenting"... they're wonderful.
~ and that weebsurfer... enjoys this side of funk. :)

~ I'm so happy spain won. :D This will be making my Florida client so amazingly happy... :D

Big Brother
The season of the Sabateur.
(aka: The season dedicated to showing us how unbelievably stupid the house-mats are)
But seriously... (as I type, I've only seen the opening episode)
This is the one "reality" show we consistently found fun with as a whole family.
Sadly... this is because all four of us hone our skills at making fun of people on the television during this show. :)
We have the cliche super-hunk-oh-mania dudes, the boob jobs, the milf, the gay dude, and the headcase girl (this year is the bi-sexual that kinda looks like a young Shirley Manson), and TOTAL WING NUT.
And the wing-nut winner is the holy roller Jew that is going to either get booted fast... or drive us nuts with his in-your-face-judaism... (I hope he stays so I can make fun of him all summer).
Oh and I think the sabateur is Kristien (They might have already announced the identity as I type, so i'm prol'y wrong, but she struck me as a good candidate for it...)

The idea that people can 'help themselves'... is based on the notion that they choose to do so. :)
I have a remarkable friend that has put a lot of time and thought into embracing this idea.
You should visit his web site... he's just released the most recent version.

[ :: Invest Within You :: ]

Way to go Pete... I like it! :)

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