Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

True story...
I do not know about trains.
I arrived at the little station the train to montreal "starts" at...
The doors to all the cars (two First Class and two or three more regular cars) open and they put the little ladders out.
I look up ... then down... and decide I want to get on the one closer to the front... so the one just before the first class cars.
I wander down the isle...
Decide between right and left sides based on what I think the view will be like...
I sit... change my mind and move up one to get a better window.
I settle in and the train takes off.
We pull into the Ottawa station and the big line of people files onto the train.
And people are all ... checking their tickets and talking about seat assignments...
I had been treating it like a bus... you know... just pick a seat and sit.
Worried I'll be kicked out of my seat, I scramble for my ticket...
Gah!!! it has a seat assignment... Car 3, Row 6, Seat D.
I was ON car 3, and IN seat 6D.
Oh... and the machine in the parking lot at the train station, the machine that gives you your parking stubb...
I pushed the "ENGLISH" button... and got ready to swipe my credit card.
The machine pushed a 20$ bill back out the insert-money-here slot.

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