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G'morning Lj...

Last night was kind of a lame time... Z passed out on the couch while I was putting the pudd'en pops to bed and I spent a little time fixing font issues on the website... Mostly I spent the night trying to talk to a special friend, a special internet friend.... We'll see what time will bring for laini, but there seems to be very little time.

On a lighter note, it is Friday and the very first day this week that has dawned with sunshine and a promise of nice day. Today is going to be a fantastic day... I can feel that all over my body. If anyone would like to verify this... you can feel all over my body too! No really though, today has a good vibe.

Yesterday really rawked... It seems that the "Put your body in Motion" song from that Mitsubishi commercial (The Wiseguys) is seriously infectious... I have it in my head (... start a commotion...) and I managed to get the song off napster... We never used to be able to get napster to work at the office but now it's working fine.?? Any ways, I had three situations at work yesterday that totally called for me to put on the bosses hat and head up the suit-floor. (My team works on the 8th floor along side other technical analyst's... all the suits work up on the 17th).

~ friday! bluejeans!
~ nice shirt (for no good reason because I'm also wearing a ...)
~ new sweatshirt... it's jet black with a pink "Pink Elephant" logo (Pink Elephant is the training org that supports a specific framework we use and train in at work. I got the sweatshirt in the mail yesterday.... it's a reward for scoring well on an exam.
~ finalize a few details about tomorrows date night.
~ get some work done...
~ put a package together for my package gang pal in South Africa!!!!! D'ya know what? They don't get altoids there...
~ only one wish today... and that's for peace in the heart of my sugar laini!!!!!

Peace out mochacho's
(hey, Lydia? How do you actually spell "mochachos?")
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