Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, July 6

It's hot.
I know there's people suffering in the heat...
Heck all of Toronto was in a black out yesterday ...
However... I'm all "from a/c to a/c" and I'm kind'a enjoying the blazing heat on the litte moments between a/c.
And... like, right now... it's 10 at night... it's gorgeous outside... warm, still, quiet... like the world is crouching... and waiting... :)

~ again with the crazy-heat day... so I wear a sweat catcher and a dress shirt... no tie.
~ visitors from the central core offices of the galatic hub.
~ started my day with another phone interview with the florida clients.
~ great gym day... got to hang with my homie... lol... :)
~ long afternoon transcrbing notes from interviews.
~ for my little nutmeg to get past this one... quick. :)
~ for a thunderstorm to swirl up and do it's thing tonight... hmmm?

~ looking down, past the surprisingly cold water from the cool down cycle at the end of my post gym shower...
I see the darkening expanse of my towel as it reaches towards maximum soak-up of the cold water waiting to find it's way to the drain.

I'm trying to hook up a friend with photoshop for a mac.
Is this a torrent thing?

It is never lost to me
That I am so very fortunate.
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