Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, July 5

~ hot pack on shoulder... again. I need to see TTA.

Oh look... blazing heat.
Yes indeed.
Of course, the constant threat of a thunderstorm looms. :)
la la la...

~ again with the new trousers (I do actually get a kick out of saying... er, typing "trousers")
~ black tee and summer shirt.
~ to endure some serious heat.... 90% humidity... 34 degrees celcius... and we end up listening to radio voices saying "and it feels like..." 44. weeeee.
~ but seriously... it took your breath away at the height of the day!
~ big busy with work...
~ awesome gym thing at lunch... sadly, no gym buddies... but still... seriously tough go-round. :)
~ plan a trip to montreal for thursday and friday... going to ride on the train... :D (I like trains)
~ for the land of grapes and ... squished grapes... goes wet and wonderful for the_bean.
~ and that little ethan gets all better!

In response to the virtually endless refrain that it's a product without a market... an example.
PACS is the kick ass system that runs in hospitals to record, store and display medical images.
My first time was when Geo had the whole shoulder-exploding thing last December.
Certain hospitals have connected-pacs systems.
The big picture PACS plans are to find a way to fully integrate medical records on a global scale.
That being said...
The workgroup model for mobile medical practicianers includes the need to access pacs.
... enter the iPad.

youtube search "fireworks factory explosions"
holy smack.

There are a great many things in Big Bang Theory that continue to make me laugh... time and time again.

k... :)
See ya

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