Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, July 2

Canada day was very average...
Geo was out with friends having a fine time...
and we spent the day just goofing around.

We did the whole kanata fireworks display thing...
Found George, and went home to set off our box of fireworks... (OMG... it was seriously cool)

Weather wise, the idiots told us it was gonna suck and ... just say'en...
yesterday, today, tomorrow... sunday... all freaking gorgeous

~ shorts and an enjoi tee all day...
~ up kinda early... and do day-off stuff ... like wander around in my undies, drinking coffee and noticing that everybody else in this house likes to sleep late...
~ take a trip to my mechanics to pick up a replacement passenger-side-electric mirror...
~ go to big skatepark and get a furiously good workout. :)
~ make a great dinner... and go for a walk with zee for dessert.
~ now I'm re-watching the first episodes of SGU with Geo...
~ that camper friends are having a great time... :)
~ and that my knees will please last another couple of years worth of skateboarding...thanks.

The skateramp... (our 30 foot long half pipe) took someserious water damage on the flat-deck.
I need to replace some masonite. It would be sweet to have skatelite for the flate deck... that would only be two sheets...
Sadly, they are 150$ per sheet... so I'm sticking to masonite (11$). :)

Still not dropping in at the park...
Mostly afraid of injuring my shoulder...
But I'm dropping in fine on the halfpipe. :)
I'll get there (dropping in at the park) this summer.
My upper body muscle development is going well.
no I'm not trying to become huge... that will never happen...
but I am trying to establish enough muscle mass to withstand the punishment I put myself through...
hopefully, reducing the incidence of rediculous injuries that take all year to heal. :)
Anyways... the point of all that was to say...
I had a real fricking blast at the park today. \
I wasn't even sure I wanted to go... but
Once I started... and felt my knees being all nervous as I cast myself down the ramps...
I knew I really needed to get a good ride on.
and I did.... :)
so yeah... really nice day.

ps. I'm really enjoying the facility of using my little Gateway netbook. :)
pps. I'm not really happy with the performance of my iphone since updating the OS to iOS4. :(

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