Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, June 30

~ a smile that says... "I'm off for four days."
bit of a grin, actually. :)

There is no sense to the weather.
It's cold, sunny, cloudy, stormy, rainy, sunny, rainy, etc...

~ s'all 'bout the pj pants... :)
~ long day... did one thing... all day... (sit in board room and sort out slide show for a show we're doing next week... in montreal...)
~ no gym... this makes me sad. I will gym tomorrow morning... ! grrr. :)
~ for the weather to clear up and let weebsurfer (and friends) enjoy several days of camping...

I want to say... "The fact that the G# summits were going to be brutally agressive in security was not lost on anyone. Go there? K... you're problem."
For a billion dollars, I would really have thought they could have and should have stopped the outbreak of destruction on Saturday,
So they didn't have to play "over the top tough guy" on Sunday... like a bunch of bullies with black eyes.
Most of all... for a billion dollars, you think they could have communicated the exact nature of the laws enacted to keep the peace.
Seems many were illegally searched because the cops decided they made the laws... instead of just uphold them.
It was a bad decision to hold the meeting
a worse decision to spend a billion dollars on it
and a pathetic insult to our sense of saftey and security
to let things get out of control on the streets of TO... were we live...
just so long as it doesn't spill over to where a bunch of puffed-up elected officials are basking in their own self-importance.

it's not that I'm blind to the bad.
it's just that I'm dazzled by the good. :)

No really...
Don't worry.
Not every little thing is going to work out...
But everything is going to be ok.
Of this, i am certain. :)

k... see ya. :)

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