Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, June 29

Yeah... today was strange, weather wise.
Lots of sunshine got me through the morning and in and out of the gym...
But by the time we got up from the starbucks patio... the clouds were rolling in.
That turned into a hard-ass downpour for a while... and now?
It just sort of got nice for the end-of-day and it's just kinda chilly now.

s'posed to get mighty hot this weekend.
And speaking of weekend... this week ends after tomorrow. :)
I'm really going to enjoy a four day weekend. Seriously!!! gah... I'm so burnt. :D

~ dark trousers again and blue argyle. I have no patience for clothes this week. ? Tomorrow I wear jeans.
~ kinda crazy town at work... lots going on and ... in the background, all I can think about is my florida client...
~ did another phone interview today ... hour long conference calls to florida... fun. :D
~ great work out at the gym....
~ and got to say "hey" to suz and the boys when they dropped into my office to see it and say hi, on their way to the mall...
~ made a big dinner... bbq scewers... chicken and shrimp, green beans, carrots, rice and onion rings. :D
~ nice after dinner (and clean up) walk.
~ for jessy to find her way to an xray machine...

You know... it's a seemingly insignificant thing,
but there is no end to the good that can come
from turning strangers
into people with names, that say hello to you.

So I got a call-back from the Sleep Clinic.
They want me to come back and sleep over again...
This time with a cpap on... [ :: er... one of these :: ]
This will be a real test of my assertion that I can sleep anywhere... anytime... Just give me five minutes... and I'm out.
Granted, bus-ride, boardroom and waiting room sleeps are "lite" sleeps.
So yeah... but I don't go back until August 23.

you are the most impressive canvas you will ever encounter.


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