Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, June 28

So there are storms'a'rage'en all over the place...
Except here.
Nice day.

Dude... this is a very very short week.
Thursday is Canada Day... and friday is a 'i just booked it off" day... Hello three-day-week.... I'd like to introduce four-day-weekend... :)

~ dark trousers, black tee and blue shirt... and really... the blue shirt was overkill... as today was mostly hot. ;)
~ office to clear up travel docs...
~ gym at lunch... frigg'en great. :)
~ swapped out another starbucks car cup (ours breaks, and 'bucks gives me a replacement... :D)
~ afternoon filled up with a conference call with one of the execs at my clients (florida)...
~ getting files ready for the deployment of the mad-info-extraction-en'ator. (time to analyse the interview data)
~ home to chill... (suz is off to a friends for dinner - ex-coworks)
~ zoom to skate park beside the place Ed has karate...
~ skate for a while... then collect Ed (post karate)... and home to make tortellini for dinner with Ed. (Geo is off at a friends house).
~ make cookies...
~ and here we are... now it's now. Ok... no, it's later. I took a break to go and have a short conference with a representative of my military industrial complex... er... yeah.
~ that the_bean has a great time on her Cali adventure... :)

So yeah... just imagine how many of the shop-keepers (and bank managers)
Watched the news-reels of their businesses being vandelized by the so-called anarchist nare-do-wells...
And were wishing they were in their shop, armed to the freaking teeth and ready to do battle.
Sadly... the people we pay to do that kind of thing... were busy elsewhere.
So yeah... people went unchallenged into the business of vandelizing...
~ if ever the death penalty were to be considered to be an appropriate and measured response... Now is the time. :)

Just by taking responsibility for the foundations of your own happiness
You create the ready landscape for the happiness contributions of your friends, lovers, and most importantly, partners.
This is all in sharp contrast to the mess you end up in when you fail to take that first little bit of responsibility.
Happiness is, after all, the ultimate "gateway drug".

~ the online pictionary... free version...
a decidedly heroin like game, in it's addictive properties.

K... time to go. :)
Have a great evening.

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