Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, June 27

So I made the necessary clicks to get the OS 4 update on my iPhone last night.
I started it before I went to bed and had to do a few clicks and sim-un-locks to finish it when I woke up.
Pretty painless and ... kinda cool updates.
I wonder if the bluetooth keyboard works with the 3G...

The weather idiots called for rain yesterday and sunshine today.
It rained yesterday morning... but it was nice the rest of the day.
Today? Eh... cloudy and some drizzle.

Oh, and dude... school is officially over. :)
No more lunches!! well... no more kids lunches... :D

~ shorts...
~ the third shirt...
~ up while the rest of the monkeys sleep... and cut some of the lawn. (1 shirt)
~ clean up and spend the day putzing about with some chores, laundry and stuff... (another shirt)
~ then go to folks house to celebrate my moms birthday. :) (shirt #3!)
~ home and relaxing... maybe going to sit with family and watch wipeout. lol.
~ for a girl named Kari to find her way to a delivery room real soon... :)

All the talk... analysis, protest, debate, hue and cry...
About the G8 and G20... The zoo that was Toronto...
The money spent on the Double Gs, money that used to be part of the tax contribution...
It's all a giant load.
These meetings should not be taking place.
Never mind about "They should cost less".
Holding them has become a circus for special interests, a civil rights issue, and a dramatically gross missuse of public funds.
The costs outweigh the rewards...
The benefits realized from these meetings could be gathered through other means...
The snazziest, most awesome'est, star-wars-geek level teleconference would still only cost pennies in comparison
and would not result in any loss of life or property.

Last night... was great. :)
Jess and Marc came over to play canasta.
Marc left enough dna behind to establish a clone-army - I'd have to go to Kamino first* - but never-the-less... :)
Good friends come over to play even after spending a hard day slaving in their back yard. :D
la la la...

Everything is almost always harder than you thought.
And in the end...
... that's ok.
Easy is not very rewarding. :)

K... time to go. :)
Have a great night.

* sorry. NBM**

** nerd boy moment.

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