Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, June 24

Me and my dinner companion - a canned miriachi band - are finally sitting down to dinner.
(it's after 9). I'm in a mexican restaurant. It seems nice. :)

I feel a bit like a well used punching bag... thanks in the main to spending two hours trying to surf. :D
I did it. :) "It" in this case is actually standing up and going for more than the time it takes to fall... :D
This makes me very happy. There was much flailing about and body slamming, wave crushing and muffled cries of fear...
Ok... not so much "fear" ... Maybe the word "awe" would be better. It's like, all of a sudden... after nominal waves...
I'd be clinging to the side of the surf board, wiping my eyes, and look over to see a mountain of water just rolling over.
gah... so fracking cool...
But I am quite confident I will have a few choice words on my lips when I crack lids tomorrow morning. :)

by the way...
i feel like a vast glutton as I sit here at a table for four... totally covered in food,
And I'm the only person here. :)
(fajitas, natchos, chips and dips everywhere... )

~ Suited up for today... tie and all.
~ I was "on" for the first interview... a director "project sponsor" dude... and he spent most of the hour on his phone... ah well... he'll be a conference call next week. :)
~ up a few minutes after the crack of dawn... and off to Melblourne for another all-day-sucker of interviews.
~ had an actual "drink" on the way home from work... My client stopped at a beach bar near his condo and he told me mucho about his youth and surfing... (dude is from northern spain and really quite an interesting character. :D)
~ got back to my hotel and was wandering into the ocean with a surf board 20 minutes later. :)
~ two solid hours of that and I was (am) bagged!
~ so when I finish eating (it's 9:30 now)... I'll be back to the hotel and I plan to be up in time to see sunrise on the beach... so I'll be in bed early. :) (LOL... well, ok... I'll try)
~ oh, and I have to pack tonight.
~ that I actually get up in time to see sunrise. :)

I have not watched more than 20 seconds of television or listened to any news since I got here.
All I know is there was an earthquake back home... (text messages rule).
The point is... I have no clue what's going on in the big world. (news like...)
And it's quite blissful. :)

k... I officially miss everybody.
I miss my darling zee, the boys and my friends.

Ok... dinner's done and it's time to go!
corto needs to curl up on a comfy bed and relax.
he also needs to put some very hot towels on his shoulder...
Although... notably... my lower back is absolutely without any challenge. :)


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