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Mostly harmless

Wednesday, June 23

Hola. :)

So once again in Cocoa Beach.
My arrival in Florida was made memorable by mentally concluding that West was best and letting it take me a half hour worth of driving the wrong way to realize - in a lightening bold of realization - that I should be driving East. This was all at 1:00 in the morning after a seriously punk ass busy day... so I'm not cracking old-guy jokes yet. :)

Yesterday started super early, going to my office and getting paperwork ready for my trip and then zooming off to a hotel in downtown Ottawa to participate in this "pre-sales" initiative... We had a bunch of clients in a room to play a game. :) I had very low expectations... and I was dramatically surprised at how cool it was. It was this simulation game run on a pc, projected on a big screen, and played out by 16 people, in four groups of four (role-playing). The game simulated an IT organization, supporting three government offices, resolving a series of tech failures. The game forced participants to internalize the added value of practicing safe-IT... aka: sticking to best-practice reference models when operating a serious IT environment.
The "sales goal" of the session has something to do with convincing these clients to hold simulations with their IT staff and management... blah blah sales talk blah blah...
But it was very cool. :)

My clients here in Cocoa are still awesome and, apparently, they're liking my process and progress... so this is officially "all good". :)

... I only had an hour and half... at 6:00 ... and in stark contrast to last week... the waves were significantly HUGE'ER. :D LOL.
On several occasions I heard myself say "oh fuuuuuck" as a breaker collapsed over my head, despite trying to "jump through" it.
I never managed to actually stand on the surf board and ride a wave... I did get to my hands and knees several times and totally zoooooooooooooomed to the beach, turning along a big ass wave ("BIG" I realize, is relative... I am a land-locked ocean swimming nooooob so cut me some slack. :D). I also had what felt like two gallons of salt water rammed down my throat at one point (there was much gagging and gasping), I got "slapped" in the abs by a wave so hard that my gut turned bright red (like a belly-flop) and the line connecting my foot to the board totally retched my left shin... and ever second of this was desperately exciting. You know ... I also found that my eyes started to "get used" to the salt water. The hardest thing of all of it... was facing the setting sun when riding towards shore. I cannot stand the kind of bright without sunglasses.
If I don't go out to dinner tomorrow night... I'll be trying that again (this time with a shorter board, I think).

Oh... and that surfing thing... was a fantastic work out. All my endorphins (or whatever) that get jazzed by a great work out in the gym... were on fire after the surfing thing. :)

~ my new trousers... totally love them.
~ a black tee and a light-weight summer shirt. (no tie today).
~ after going to bed at 2:30... I was up at 6:30. At my clients early and followed a full schedule of interviews. It went great! :)
~ I will be spending a couple of hours tonight reviewing material from this client...
~ and if I'm not asleep before 12:30... I am insane. I'm up early for another full day!!
~ that I can find a pink NASA mug tomorrow...

There was an earthquake at home today. A 5.5. I received several text messages on the subject before the cell network was flooded and texts stop working.
No damage that I know about but Eds school emptied out and some friends at my old clients got a wee bit skeeeered. :)
Last earthquake (in Ottawa) that I saw including a view of the street we lived on executing a small "breath" (rising and lowering a few inches only... but it was cool.)
I was in San Francisco for an awesome earthquake a zillion years ago when I was a fed... in the days before LiveJournal existed...
Someday... North America will pay a dear price for positioning so many people on fault lines.

Talked a bit to Zee tonight about how I get a fuzzy scared little feeling in my tummy
When I imagine the time when my boys have grown up and ... move out, etc.
This feeling makes me want very much to go over to my parents house and visit.
I love that so much love lives in my family circle.

Ok... time to get to work. :)
See ya. :D

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