Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, June 21

Well... I'm making ready.
I leave again... tomorrow afternoon.

Stupidly, I said "yes" to participating in some business shenanigans tomorrow morning in a downtown hotel... at 9... blarg.
So I'm up early... busy all morning, back to my office to get paperwork together, home and back to airport by 4...
again... blarg. :)

If the weather holds... I hope to try some of that east coast mini-wave surfing. (my 5:30 - 7:30 pm entertainment plans. :D)

Today was, of course, totally beautiful. And the longest day of the year...
Good combination. :)

~ yeah... I got new pants. :) New "trousers". Lighter cotton, dark gray with a kind of very light "linen" vibe with the weave.
~ so I tried 'em out today. Wash 'em tonight and hope they still fit for the trip. :)
~ pre-pack packing... clean stuff in neat little piles, ready to "get stuffed". :)
~ I fail at shoes. I end up wearing red slip on Vanns, packing leather loafers and packing gym shoes... three pairs of shoes... sigh. (and no, there is no "give" on that list... that's as short as it gets).
~ busy day today with the job... but got good stuff done and still managed to ...
~ go to the gym! I've got a new plan for this whole gym thing, with going a half hour earlier than my work out partners and doing my cardio and serious stretching... before they show up. I need longer workouts and this will fit the bill.
~ out to dinner with Ed and Suz (Geo's out with his friends) and now it's now... semi-packed and pushing down the default-stress and trying to embrace the "calm cool collected, been-there-done-that, vibe that might make this easier.
~ a friend - who will never see this - does alright with her quick and easy operation on Wednesday. Quick healing Sugar-C.
~ for innerly... to enjoy her state of "done'ness". :D :D
~ and to wish a happy 2nd to sassy_red_head's little hurricane... :)

BP Oil Rig Dissaster
BP contracts Haliburton to build, own, manage, operate and maintain their oil platform in the Gulf.
It explodes due, likely to failures of saftey... by the owner-operators.
Local "at sea" firefighters add several million tonnes of water to the superstructure, not following the proper firefighting protocols for a rig-fire...
And it tips over... bending and, ultimately, snapping the well-pipe, resulting in this challenge.
Oh, and Haliburton bought Boots & Coots (Oil Fire Fighting Company) in April.
But yeah... That loser from BP... Hayward ... it's all his fault.

The hard part of meeting fifty people (for work), one at a time, is making sure all fifty get the same treatment... trying to make the same first impression.

We are programmed, genetically and socially, to form the bonds that lead to family.
But by the end of highschool... very little social effort is geared towards building good ol'fashioned friendships.
Like any good and wonderful thing in life,
When you have a friendship that feels like it's worth it's weight in gold...
You hold on with both hands.

K... time to go. :)
See ya.

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