Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, June 20

Happy Fathers Day...
kind of a silly day... because I despise breakfast in bed and ...pretty much wake up before everybody else anyways. :)
My ideal fathers day is what I have had today... a complete sense of the love that I share in my family.
From my darling zee and our enduring love, to Geo's continued comfort with my hugs and ... and Edwards wildly powerful hugs and consistent "old guy" jokes.
I am loved and I have the chance to show my love in return.
This is plenty. :)

I got to skate a bit yesterday.
I went to the skatepark... just to feel how the compression felt in my back.
It was earily calming... the nicest my back has felt all week was in the moments after rolling through a drop.
However... "careful" is my middle name.

~ shorts and tee...
~ lazy day... chores, yard stuff... wash some floors...
~ going to house-of-bro to have FD dinner... :)
~ watching Dr. Who with the family as the evening takes over
~ that the very short haired fit_girl_jessy and her crew had fun at monster trucks... I need to post a pic of that haircut! :) A "before and after" post. :)

Birthday moment...
A very happy birthday... late though the wish is... to the always lovely innerly. The story of you has unfolded before my eyes, with Cris, the children, your career and, of course, ... you.
To be so fortunate that I can share yet another birthday with you, and wish you well... is a great pleasure in my world. So from my world to yours... I hope the year ahead keeps you in touch with your angels, loved in your family and filled with the joy of sucess. :)

We went to see Iron Man II last night... the bunch of us. :)
It was fun.
And another fun part was noting Geo's displeasure over being at the movies with his parents.
LOL!!! mwa ah ah ah ahhhhh.. :)

Like what you want
Get what you like.
And presto... happiness.
The trick is to decide well
Just what it is you want.

See ya soon. :)

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