Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, June 18

US Air can suck my...
They gave me a hard time about expecting my checked bag to make it to my connector in Washington... despite the fact that they authorized the flight connection.
And I get more US Air next week too... :(

Never the less... I got home safe and sound last night.
Today and monday are pretty much all about trying to make some sense of what I've been doing...
And on Tuesday... I head back to Orlando to do it all again.

~ friday... jeans at work...
~ kind of awesome day... (so glad to be home! :D)
~ get to work for lazy o'clock (9)
~ and go do a full-on proper work out at lunch. (Oh man it was great... a whole week away... but dude... my back is doing great!! :D)
~ finish off my work day at the office... (I love how close my office is to home)
~ and home... dude... soooooo home... Friday... swet and juicy friday. :D
~ to tell fit_girl_jessy that her hair cut looks fantastic. :)
~ Oh wishing for this weekend to be eventful and filled up wth the boys and suz... :)

I'm sorry but no matter how hard I try,
I cannot think of the stupid gorgonzollas...
Or whatever the proper name is for those horns the africanners are blowing at FIFA,
As anything but massively dumb ass.

So I wake up today with this wicked tightness in my right calf muscle.
Ack... I stretch it out... it's evil aweful...
And go about my day.
I work it at the gym...
It's still tight but not as bad - by far.
I mention it at dinner.
"Oh" (say's suz) "You had that leg cramp last night... remember?"
me: "what's that again?"
Z: "You woke up... sat bolt upright... clutching at your leg and yelling..."
me: "Seriously?"
Z: "dude..."
So yeah... massive cramp last night... NO MEMORY what-so-ever... but I got the calf to proove it. :)

One and a half weeks.
Far shorter recovery time than I anticipated.
Clearly it pays to listen to good advice.
Thanks TTA and Vaun.


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