Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, June 16

All the man-made waterfront properties...on the banana river side of cocoa...
Let alone the zone with all the canals, big ass boats, and nice houses... very nice.

It seems like every time we go anywhere near an ocean, it's always cold...
The ocean is warm here... I mean... warm enough for water temp to not actually be a factor in wading in, or diving through waves. :)

~ a bathing suit... :)
~ er, ok... today was beige day... again with a tie (EVERYBODY else is tie-less... but I care not. :D)
~ up pretty early... picked up by client at 7:30... drive to Melbourne and spend the day doucmenting services as explained by a variety of directors and managers... in one-on-one interviews.
~ sigh...
~ back to hotel by 6... in ocean by 6:30. :) (click!)
~ although I typing from a steakhouse... eating a rediculous amount of food...
~ tomorrow is a bitch'en day... first interview at 8:00, 40 mins away... sigh. Goes all day till 5 then I zoom to airport in orlando and fly home.
~ that my Geo gets a good sleep tonight...

All the tall palm trees...
And the giant "lifters" that they use to go up and trim the palms...
Totally leaves me thinking of Dexter.

Dear All Restaurants... Everywhere:
With the exception of a caesar salad,
Always always bring the dressing on the side.
I know... I know... I should always ask.
But seriously, that should be the default.
The old rules don't work.
Stop using them as excuses.

So I grab a face cloth in the bathroom...
New... all folded decoratively and tucked into the fold of the hand towel folded over the bath towel.
... and it's got a lip stick smear on it.
Somebody else is paying for the room. (that is to say, 'comping the room does me no real good)
The hotel has no room service...
Heck, they don't even have pay-per-view movies to comp.
So I opted for an appology-in-the-form-of-rewards-program-points.
la la la...

One more day. :)

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