Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, June 15

First significant moment of my trip... waiting for my first flight...
Was noting that I had lost one of the ear bead nub things from my only pair of buds. (I have the nc head phones... but those have a limited application...)
Actually spent a lions share of the flight from TO to Orlando working... rediculous... lol.

Arriving Orlando at midnight... rent a free-upgrade rental car... ending up with a ford escape...
and find my way down the 528 to cocoa... and my hotel... well, I don't know who's hotel it is... but I'm renting a little chunk of it...
I was ready for bed at 2:30... seriously... frak.


~ :)

~ at dinner out there... :)

~ now? sk-shorts... tee... red shoes... sand... in the red shoes..
~ I did, however, spend the day in dark trousers, white-swet-catcher, pale purple shirt and dark purple tie... sigh. ("feels like 104")
~ drag myself out of bed at 7:00 and get to the client site by 8:30... (so tired... BUT MY BACK IS NOT KILLING ME... so no meds!!! yes!)
~ ("client site" is totally cool... btw... totally)
~ interview people for my reports from 9 till 4... Applebee's for lunch... and, between you and me? applebee's was excellent. just say'en...
~ hotel... do a cardio and careful stretch thing in the hotel fitness room... shower and find my way to a starbucks...
~ go to cocoa beach's shrine to surfing (ron-jons, and the other one)
~ FIND FOOD... (i'm typing this in a window-booth, eating fish, on the cocoa-beach pier watching these guys surf little - but cool! - waves... Best one is this late-middle-age muscle shirt tan guy... ;)
~ plan to work on typing up stuff from todays sessions for dessert.
~ and I hope to come down to the ocean at bed time and walk in the surf for a bit... :)
~ for a proper sleep tonight... seriously... gah! (in all cases, regardless of the bed quality, I sleep less than well in hotels when suz is not la la)

It can never be wrong to make a choice that puts you a pathway to happiness.
No matter how tenuous the path may be.
Life is long.
There is time enough for love.

Black olives... look like ear beads for really big ear people...
And presto... black olives are even more delicious sounding... ug.
In my universe... there is no place for a black olive in a caeser salad. :)

Dear Starbucks America:
Please learn what the hell a "long" espresso is.
Oh... and where the heck are your "little green sticks of wonder"? (splash guard sticks)
Every time I travel into the US, I hit 'bucks with the misguided hope that the barista will not get that far away clueless look when I add "long" to the order...

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