Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, June 13

~ that is the smile I get as I enjoy letting Geo do things like "cut the lawn". :)

Truth be told... if he didn't do it... it wouldn't be getting done.
My back is so fracked up. :(
It's doing lots better... for sure.
Crickies... I'm doing all these exercises... constant vigilance...
But it's still a problem.
Robax (the ibuprophen version of robaxacet (sp?)) :)
Robax is my friend.

Saturday was grand... crummy weather, but still. :)

~ shorts... all about shorts. :)
~ all chores and yard work today...
~ have my folks over for dinner...
~ suz and I put together a yummi easy dinner and ...totally enjoyed it. :D
~ try to relax... however... I've got to get my packing sorted later tonight. :(
~ I leave tomorrow afternoon.
~ for safe travel gods to smile on me... :)

Seriously... skateboards are long.
only our biggest piece of luggage will take a skateboard full-on.
Only real option would be to pop the trucks off and just carry the deck.
I will not be bringing skate gear on this weeks trip.
But if I play my cards right and take care of myself...
I will bring it next week... Yes... i go back to cocoa beach next week too. :(
Seriously... this is going to be a strange job.


So I woke up at 6 on Saturday morning.
Sore back... not sleeping great.
So up and at 'em.
and todays "at 'em" was to meet fit_girl_jessy and go with to her 5 k race.
When I started hang'en with jess at work, she had an operation on her foot that made running... impossible.
She went to see Tracy The Awesome a while ago...
And ran a 5k this weekend.
it was rainy and chilly...
actually ideal for a race.
I was much impressed with all the young kids running the 3 K race
Impressed enough to see if I can get Ed involved in this stuff...
ps. Jess did magnificently. :)
pps. the time clock in the picture is recording the time since the start of the junior 1 k race.
ppps. jess was 27 ... I believe. :)

Suz found a 2nd gen ipod shuffle on Kajiji to replace the one of mine that got lost at the gym.
Very happy.
It's the ideal iPod for sports... (ie. skateparks).
There is happiness in my skatepark karma basket. :)

K... see ya soon.

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