Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, June 11

Gorgeous day... almost mist the whole deal. :(
Long day at the office but I did sneak out and get a 'bucks at lunch.

S'posed to rain all weekend. !

~ friday jeans... :)
~ get to TTA's place by 8:00... she was wicked. deep tissue agony... with good results. I didn't say "great results"... this is going to take a while to fix (fraaaak!!) and - btw - I meant agony.
~ spend the whole day in a boardroom theoretically helping four people argue.
~ get the last bits sorted for next weeks trip...
~ out to dinner! mongolian grill.
~ sweet mercy... please let me achieve some measure of releif before monday night...

The mind boggles that the government is making the arguement "The other summits spent the same kinds of money!!"
To support their 1 billion plus price tag for the G-summits.
Meanwhile the GLOBAL ECONOMIC CRISIS is resulting in service cuts across the table...
The government cries poverty at every turn of the page...
And businesses close to the left and right...
But we can treat a visit by a bunch of super-suits like it was ... some other economy.

Tomorrow is fit_girl_jessy's 5k. At 8: in the morning...
I'll be cheer'en her on at the finish line... and taking her "way to go" picture.
At least... that's the plan. :)

I'm liking my little gateway netbook.
It's kind of cool and potentially all I will need on a business trip. :)

k... I gotta go and do another round of stretches and exercises.
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