Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, June 10

So Tracy The Awesome (TTA) took a good look at my frame, squeezed a few parts...
And then got to work on my hip flexors. She does not think the injury is related to a nerve (sciatic) or anything as sinister.
She figures a tweeked muscle and my unfortunately stiff hip flexors are making it worse.
So I was remarkably improved by her work but she gave me a bunch of stretches to do and I see her again first thing tomorrow morning. !!
I have to be better... I have to.

and then... I get buckets of feedback from my own private physical training guru...
(a guy named Vaun... lives on the other side of the country)
More stretching, advice and guidance.

Apparently it takes a full team to keep this machine working... :)

It rained today.

~ oh pj pants... sigh.
~ up... and decide if I'm dying... :(
~ not evil bad... but I took a robax...
~ got to work and immediately called Tracy The Awesome.
~ she took me at 10:20... thank the freak'en godess baby...
~ work... getting madly sorted for next week.
~ of course... no gym for me... :(
~ home to make and have a fairly late dinner (Ed's karate goes till 6:30 today...)
~ now it's now... and we're sitting around the family room watching... wait for it... ... The Matrix... (again). :)
~ that fit_girl_jessy... has a fantastic race on Saturday.

To feel the touch of love
A love that wants nothing
Is closer than you think
And easier than you can possibly imagine.

ok... so now, seriously...
Do other people go through as many physical injuries, therapy, and mad-dash-to-healing as I do?
I mean... I know I take some risks... but it really seems like there is pretty much always something.
now maybe this is not so significant... maybe everybody else lives in some kind of constant pain...
or maybe this is age? if it's age... well, I've never before felt more like giving life the finger.
I will not give up.
Screw that...

Oh... and I've been watching episodes of Wipeout with a new eye.
I'm quite confident that - should I be selected from the millions of applicants (LOL) - I will be killed on that show. Dead.

ps. it's almost two hours later than when I said... "now it's now..."

k... time to git. :)
See ya soon.

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