Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, June 7

well today was chilly by "june" standards but nice never-the-less. :)
Lots of sunshine...

Work is progressing... I realized today that I'm not going to orlando with ... anyone.
So it's going to be seriously interesting getting sorted with these brand-new-to-me clients. !! lol.

Tomorrow night is "sleep test" night at the hospital.
Getting tested for sleep apnea, etc.
So I go there and sleep with things plugged into me all over.
The thing is... they want me to stop cafine at noon.
I'm not sure I can do that and not explode by dinner.
and pouring a pail of steaming bits of me onto a bed at the hospital is not going to be helpful.
So we'll see.
(and they don't seriously think I'm going to go to sleep anytime before midnight... right?)

~ the monday uniform, without the tie.
~ which, apparently, means that you can actually see my beige trousers and pale yellow/white pin striped shirt, which were hitherto invisible due to the excaliber-levels of awesome that my tie must have been.
~ a no-car day. Get a drive to work from zee... and get a drive home after.
~ had a really nice lunch...
~ went to get my car after dropping Ed off at karate and wow... a mechanics bill under 300$. score. la la la...
~ home to make chicken kiev for dinner... awesome, btw.
~ and then hours of grade nine math with Geo as he studies for a re-test...
~ to send great big wonderful congratulations out to rini, again...
~ for money matters to get well sorted out for a friend.

Prepare yourselves for massive popular news media doggie-backlash [ :: re: this :: ]

We can pretend all we want.
But in the end... after all else fails to favour the big dog,
We will forever end up watching "Might Is Right" play out on the international stage.
The Palestine v. Isreal thing... is long in the tooth.
Many generations have passed since any of the root issues had feet... yet still the grand posture continues.
On both sides.
Personally... I find it boring.
With each passing news item...
With each mind numbing turn of preposterous event...
I become less and less interested.
In the end... Might Is Right will play out.
My only hope is that the USA, aka: Israels bitch, will let Israel fight her own battles.

When you pull a bandaid off the skin of your inner thigh...
You tend to remove skin as well.
Or... so it would seem.

K... see ya :)

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