Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, June 6

~ happy birthday Lane. :)

We celebrated my sisters birthday tonight.
That is chocolate cake on the table behind me...
That is very very good chocolate cake! hmmmmmmmm
everyone in my family is a good great cook...
and we all - apparently - like making delicious desserts.
Clearly my mother is remarkable! :)

Yesterday was the garage sale morning.
Amazingly... no rain. Afternoon... after everything was cleared away... rain. Lots.
So, fairly good fortune for the sale.
Never-the-less... it was a garage sale.
I say, if you can't sell it on Kajiji... give it to neighborhood services.
The toys are fine... and the kids could put together the annual toy-clear-out garage sale thing.
But it's all the other crap... and moving it all from storage, to garage, to sorting, pricing, then taking outside... it not selling (d'uh) and then carting it back and ... blah blah blah blah... AHHHHHH!
Yeah... a pox on garage sales. :)

The sale did have a few high points with kids coming over and pouring over the toy bins.

~ a sweater! darned cold day... :(
~ suz and I did a few errands... like dropping off my car for tire repair. (get it tomorrow night... so... no gym for me tomorrow.)
~ ikea, canadian tire, loblaws!! and besides some very yummi mini-score-bar things at ikea ("daim" candies) we stuck to exactly what we needed at each stop. :)
~ dinner at my units in celebration of my sisters birthday.
~ yeah... you know, this weekend was "performed" on autopilot with a headache crawling across my neck and shoulders the whole way through. :(
~ so I wish that I had not had a headache... and that I could have been more present in the moments of the last couple of days.
At 9, I took a chance and went for an early call of a pending migraine. I'm usually bad at that and wait until the migraine really kicks in before I admit it to myself.
So tonight I decided to call it early.
I tried... another new one.(Axert).
I'm feeling totally fine now... :)

The advanced digital SLR cameras are getting new and, freakishly awesome new powers.
Even the more advanced of the pocket cameras are sporting rather futuristic new cool'ness.
But the modest end of the camera scale will have to wait another year or so to get the "trickle down coolness"

All of this is the camera industry making a too-late move.
They are desperate to justify their existence in the mid-range, pocket camera market.
But they cannot.

The camera in your phone (in your smartphone) is by far... good enough.
You can snap it, save it, copy it to print it, send it, post it and otherwise... enjoy it a'plenty.
Why on earth would you carry around a canon powershot or a nikon coolpix or a ... whatever?

A good camera still has it's place.
But that place is no longer on the car seat beside... everybody.
In fact it's play dates are so few among the casual user that... it's rather sad.
And the serious user... will always be out there and well equipped.

So get ready for an onslaught of mind boggeling features on the mid-range,
As the industry makes a last gasp style grab for your wallet.


~ basketball...
... le sigh.

There's a calendar on the wall beside my desk here at home...
It's on February 2008

See ya.

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