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Hey Lj...
Thursday, the third day of rain and gray sky in a row around here. bleck.
I had a great night last night.... I managed to get a huge amount of work done on the next version of my web site... It's fun to work on the site mostly because the project keeps getting larger and more demanding... so basically its staying a really groovy learning process. But I definitely went to bed too late (2:00) to be up again at 6:30...
I read a story in the paper to day about Senator (R) James Jefford and how he's going indi and hence will cripple the Bush-Babies by taking away their senate majority... wow. I guess it's never a great thing to reduce the effectiveness of government but on the other hand... we're talking about reducing the effectiveness of the Bush government... hahaha... Sorry, I'm not a big fan of Bush...
~ black snug boxers
~ dark blue cotton cargos
~ red T under a white corp logo golf shirt
~ dem big ass (heavy!) shoes...
~ wooly sox all over my teeth... I gotta brush my teeth when I get to work.
~ to set a new "event" up in chillcam to use as a morning snapshot.
~ the most awesome date night in the history of date nights...
~ do some back burner jobs at work today ...
~ that Z continues to develop the degree of comfort she has with Lj and the cam... she's warming a bit...
~ that I don't screw up Saturday night...
~ for peace to sneak up on Renee (glossgirl)... she just so seriously does not need the hassle of an Lj drama re: the package_gang. That community is a very inspired concept... I hope it weathers all storms!

So Saturday... Nope, not here... later in a friends only post... Z might be reading this...

Have you noticed how phenomenally huge LiveJournal is? I'm just say'en ... you could piss off thirty-five thousand people and still be on good terms with most of the people in Lj... hahaha... boi I hope the recent round of drama's draw to a close.

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