Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, June 4

Totally nice day...
With a promise of full-on rain for the next two days solid.
It started about an hour ago. :(

Made new plans with work... going to Orlando in two weeks and again in three weeks (so two weeks in a row, for three days each week).
And the orlando-skate-park looks wicked. :)

~ jeans to work... casual friday. weeee
~ a good work day...
~ ab day at the gym...
~ go see my mechanic... so he can pronounce judgement on my tire... I slammed a curb, while parking my car (I know, I know... frack) and took a chunk out of a side-wall. Not good... not good at all. Need a new tire... :(
~ and then home... make pasta for dinner... and spend the rest of the night getting set for the garage sale tomorrow... although it's going to rain... and... I fricking hate garage sales. :)
~ hence the lateness of the hour during which I post my friday post... on saturday morning.
~ that I had applied for a nexus card months ago. I'll be looking into that asap!!

yeah, so there you are...
walking from here to somewhere.
shoulders down, head half up...
you think you have a fat ass
you rarely notice how pretty you are
and you poke at your legs when you dress
but your hair? it's perfect...
little do you know... will you ever know...
that the world is packed to the tits
with men that would consider you the
ultimate answer to every fantasy and dream
they have ever dared to have.
and there you are...
walking from here to somewhere.
shoulders down.

Ab-day at the gym... is pretty fun. And kinda funny too...
I mean, three people doing the giant-ball-hand-off (legs to arms, extending) looks pretty funny.
We even had a joiner-inner... I am always pleased when I meet a new person to say Hi to at the gym. :)
But yeah, a really good ab work out. :)

god I hate garage sales.
work like a dog so you can practically give stuff away
to people picky about paying a quarter for something.
If you sell anything ... if it doesn't rain...
and when it's done... you have vast piles of crap to deal with.
and maybe 25$ in change, if you're lucky.
~ that being said...
Our street garage sale is tomorrow.
Our street garage sales are crazy with stuff.
However, I did grab back a race-car set that we were going to sell for 2$
I think I know a little guy that might like it...
god I hate garage sales...

K. Time to go to bed... :)
see ya.

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