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Ok, so I've been ragging on BB for a while... it's fun. Zebra and I used to watch Melrose Place for just that reason - it was fun to dis the cast of characters. Same deal, just real people now instead of 'characters'.
The TV show has been soooooooooo poor, especially in contrast to all the really juicy stuff that has actually gone on. Anyways, tonights episode of the show was, in very sharp contrast, just great! CBS suprised me big time with letting TMD (the Brat) actually talk to Josh - and let her get away with cheeting to ensure it was Josh was super.
Now Josh gets to re-qualify for the Mr. Unlucky handle... he has to keep all this evil news to himself - especially after (head-slapp'en douh!) telling everyone he has "other stuff" he wasn't going to talk about... lol - He'll go nuts with this info. The rest will go nuts wondering what it is... or at least Queen Mary K will clearly have an anurism or two...
And speaking of Miss BigFace (seriously, Jamie has this HUGE face!) - it would have been significantly uncomfortable to watch TMD 'chat' with Face right after she (TMD) was dis'en her so badly...
Ah, fun fun fun.
(note: I am refusing to acknowledge how pathetic I am to get so much enjoyment out of this BB deal.)
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