Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, June 3

k... so soon would be a good time to get a laptop at work that I can call my own.
In fact... I'm kinda waiting to see if I like it enough to actually use it all the time or if, after I get it... I'mma just gonna go git a netbook and leave the other one at the office.
However... I'm on a borrowed laptop with no battery at work so... the waiting game continues.

Today was nice. I got to meet friends for gym at lunch... and I'm booking in more time at work to compensate for the long lunch.

We're supposed to have a street-garage-sale this weekend...
So, of course, the weather forcast is all about the rain.

~ still playing dress up... but tomorrows friday. :)
~ now? to see the admiral and go to bed. omg... I am so bagged. lol.
~ k... laptop (see above)

Dear Linux People
My friend, bramey, is having a spot of trouble ...
Ubuntu (netbook, 8.04), Wine and MS Office 2007.
To quote her... "I have to download the trial from MS because I don't have an optical drive.
ANYwho. I download the DLM.exe, then use wine to extract, and get a string of "stub!" protests in the Terminal.
The installer tries, it extracts the files, and then just as the setup window pops up, it craps out and says sorry, no can do."

If you've got a clue and think you can help her... pop into her journal and let her know or just reply here.
(and thank you. :D)

It's a job.
Expect nothing.
When you "do your best", it better be for you and not for anyone you think you're impressing,
Because if they are impressed... the only result will be to raise their expectations.
And expectations never come down gracefully.

It is enough to love.
It could be better...
But it is enough. :)

see ya.
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