Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, June 2

~ golf day.

Today was busy... and great.
The weather was awesome all day ... except around our 10th hole...
Then total downpour.
Soaked. !! lol
We finished every hole... and we all had changes of clothes in our cars.

A very good day spent with very good people.
I am fortunate indeed. :)

This is lisa.
Another reason why I'll be missing my ex-clients. :)
~ she even brought pretzels as a snack to golf...
... because she remembered that chips gave me headaches! :D

~ ack... pj pants now... sigh. (long day... many changes of clothes...)
~ up ... kids off the school, back to bed to snooooooze. :)
~ up again... get sorted... see my mom for a few minutes...
~ head out to skatepark...
~ go from there to the gym...
~ go from the gym to the golf course...
~ home from golf at 9:00 pm. !! (I will be sleeping well tonight. :D)
~ that my scheduled "sleep apnea test" next tuesday night is not a problem with my new employers (they may want me in Florida!! :( :(*** )

We know the state-of-you was created in the crucible of hate.
But despite the piety of your grand religious posture,
You make hate a four letter word.



LOL... they tape it in Argentina!!!
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