Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, June 1

~ day one... new job, way earlier today. :)

Today was a good day. :)

New job ... will be fun.
Got my new business cards... but everything else is still in process... log-ins, laptops, etc. :)
The actual "do" part of the new deal will be big stuff with airports, expensive text messages (lol), demanding clients, and deadlines.
But... this job requires 80% billable... versus 100% under the thumbs of the ex-galactic-overlords, so ... right off the bat... groove station.
I'll be off to Jacksonville, FLA sometime very soon for a marathon of interviews...
And I'll pack skate gear (can you google kona skatepark?)

Today tried to suck, weather wise, but in the end... blue sky and awesomeness won the game.

~ yeah... only one chance to make a first...
~ so I went full on tie boy and nice shirt... and sat with several highly casually dressed new co-works.
~ AND i wore my new argyle sox. :) (thanks zee baby. :D)
~ wanted gym... got a quick starbucks instead. :(
~ ah well... I always find a way to make a trip to starbucks worth the effort. :)
~ and home to consider the day.
~ catch up on Flash Forward... So after the big cliff hanger... is that it? Cancelled? geeze.
~ that I actually get a laptop that has a battery that can hold a charge... ! (gah!)

We are tested by the need to forgive the people in our lives
For the moments when they failed to live up to our expectations.
Yet we withhold our dedicated effort the person in our lives
Who needs forgiveness more than breath itself.
Let forgiving friends be simple,
And let your own past assume it's role as wisdom.
We are all the same...
We are all just people.

Golf day tomorrow with my ex-clients...
Only cancelled if there's lightening!
Fingers crossed.
I really want to have some golfing fun tomorrow. :)

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