Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, May 31

~ new skate deck... :)
(finally called it on retiring my "riders village" deck)
(and yes, I still wear that FBI hat... )

So I wake up to... the smell of wood ... burning.
I'm up!
Walking around the house... sniffing.
Out the front door at "almost 6" in the morning ... and it's mighty wood-burning-smelly outside.

The radio alarmclock thing goes off (I always seem to wake up a moment or two before it goes off)
And the radio is full of disembodied voices telling me the world smells like buring wood.
The forest fires in central Quebec ... the smoke has been pushed all this way.

Oh, and the radio guy was full of "good chance of t-storms before lunch, and again in the afternoon..."
Just say'en... it's 9:00 pm and no rain yet today!
And I did head out to get to the skateparks early because I was worried about the storms. grrr.

~ all about shorts...
~ sleep in... go skateboarding... go to the gym... go skateboarding... go home... eat!
~ got to do "butt monday" with the ex-co-works. :)
~ help out my mom with some of the stuff on her website (
~ pasta for dinner... :)
~ for tomorrows post to start with "today was a good day".

Wont be long now, before they'll be putting oil-spill-deniers on trial.

My day inbetween.
Basking in the disconnected vibe.
No longer pulled by the old overlords...
... not yet pushed by the new ones.
Just standing over a concrete wave
And riding the ribbon that cuts through it.

sniff. up there... before... in planning...
I used "ex-co-works" for the first time. :(
lol... I am sooooo dramatic.
And I only let a little drama out at any one time.
You cannot imagine what it's like inside my head.

~ be excellent! :)
(bill and ted moment there...)

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