Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, May 27

So ... it never rained last night.
Storms to the left of us... lightening to the right...
but us? nadda.
Lots of wind and that trippy "pre-storm-air" ... but no storm. :(
... and then today was grand. No more with the killer-hot...
and no rain.

~ yeah... um, skinnies, black tee, blue summer shirt.
~ an interesting day.. second last day...
~ :(
~ couple of quick meetings and then lunch!
~ the "see ya" lunch with co-works... at this great sushi house...
~ watch the sushi house ... go up in smoke...
~ go to starbucks...
~ go to dairy queen... (sigh)
~ back to work...
~ clean office space...
~ leave office and go to the gym...
~ gym to home...
~ turn around to take Ed to karate, bring Geo and we spend the time for the karate class at the skate park. :)
~ home to make easy dinner (chicken pies from the freezer ... and stuff)
~ after dinner walk with zee... ended up in one of our neighbors houses looking at new antique (oxymoron time) shelves...
~ and ... a relaxing evening. :)
~ as I prepare to hand over my laptop... I once again wish I could finally just get a great laptop and enjoy it. Instead of "corporate Dell" issue. :(

And... another reason I will be seriously missing my time
with this client.

~ this is Lee. He'll be a dad in a few weeks.
There is a lot to like about this guy.
And that's not a play on the fact that he towers over me... :)

So... according to our plans...
I'm going to lunch with some co-works at "Hockey Sushi".
No clue way it's called "hockey".
We've had sushi there before and it's a great lunch.
15$ all you can eat.
Well twenty co-works show up.
I am quietly overwhelmed. :D
We all sit in this "group room" to start..
but no sooner are we mixing up wasabi with soya than the room takes on a decidedly over-heating-race-car-set smell...
So they move us out and into the big dining room.
We order...
We eat... the first round. (I freaking love that nagi and the crispy roll and the spicy salmon? or is it tuna? eh..)
And then?
An den?
I can see tiny wisps of smoke coming out of the ceiling vents... and it's starting to smell all burny-electric in here too.
Stealthy ninja sushi dudes are zooming around looking at thermostats...
We're sitting there... seeing increasing amounts of smoke come out of the vents...
and we are wondering WHEN THE REST of the food is going to arrive.
I can well imagine why restaurant fires end up in the news with dead people...
It actually took us a few minutes to conclude that we ought to LEAVE.
Manager dude comes by and says "lunch is fee... you go now" or something like that...
and presto...
Lunch is over, we're on the sidewalk out front and I get a couple of really nice cards and a chance to say a collective thank you.
But do I remember to get everyone to stand still for a group picture?
Because I am an idiot. :(
Ah well... I took a lot of head shots... :)
Thirteen... and then the smoke thing happened and I didn't get the other table. :)
Here's everybody!

Lee and Jessy

Robert and Cheryl

John and Marc

Sam and Tracy

Gabriela and Charlene

Shawn and Sean.

And Mat!

And this is the table I didn't get head-shots of...

~ that's David, Lisa, ET, Bianca, Steve and Peter. :)

Despite the smoke show... it was absolutely wonderful. :)

I will not let the world slow me down...
when my heart is racing.

See ya soon.

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